Thomas Russell Gentry — W5RG


My dad was an active ham from the early 1950’s to the 1990’s. While collecting all of my grandfather’s QSL cards, I hoped I would locate at least one of my dad’s cards. He told me before he passed where to look, but I couldn’t locate any in those locations. I’ve checked online on various sites without any luck.

So I thought I’d put out an appeal to the viewers of this page to see if anyone happens to have, in their collection, a copy of my dad’s QSL card. His call sign was W5MIY. If you have a copy of his card, or have suggestions where I might look for one, I would really appreciate you contacting me. You can reach me at

This website is in memory of my grandfather, Thomas "Tom" Russell Gentry. He was one of the first Amateur Radio Operators, getting his license in the early 1920s, and actively broadcasting around the world until his death in 1979.

This site includes his collection of QSL cards from all of his contacts from around the world (a collection that exceeds 5,700 cards), along with a collection of pictures his fellow "hams" sent him of their "rigs", and the pictures he collected while with the Army Air Corps.

If you would like to use these images for any purpose, please contact me at

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